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Method __call
Method __construct
Method __construct
Method __construct
Method __construct
Method __call
Method __call
Method __call
Method __call
Method __call
Method __construct
Method __construct
Method __construct
Constructor If you need to overload this (for example, to create a definition for setting with addSettingDefinition() remember call the parent constructor.
Method __construct
Method __construct
Method __construct
Method __sleep
Method __toString
Method __construct
Variable $aAssocs
PHP_Beautifier::$aAssocs in Beautifier.php
Association $aTokens=>$aOut
Variable $aCurrentToken
Current token. Could be changed by a filter (See Lowercase)
Variable $aModes
PHP_Beautifier::$aModes in Beautifier.php
Contains the assigment of modes
Variable $aModesAvailable
List of availables modes
Variable $aOut
PHP_Beautifier::$aOut in Beautifier.php
Stores the output
Variable $aSettings
PHP_Beautifier::$aSettings in Beautifier.php
Settings for the class
Variable $aTokenFunctions
Tokens codes assigned to method on Filter
Variable $aTokenNames
Token Names
Variable $aTokens
PHP_Beautifier::$aTokens in Beautifier.php
Tokens created by the tokenizer
Method add
PHP_Beautifier::add() in Beautifier.php
Add a string to the output
Method addFilter
PHP_Beautifier::addFilter() in Beautifier.php
Add a Filter to the Beautifier The first argument is the name of the file of the Filter.
Method addFilterDirectory
Add a filter directory
Method addFilterObject
Method addIndent
PHP_Beautifier::addIndent() in Beautifier.php
Add Indent to the output
Method addNewLine
Add a new line to the output
Method addNewLineIndent
Add a new line and a indent to output
Variable $aAllowedStyles
Variable $aFilterTokenFunctions
Variable $aFilterTokenFunctions
Associative array of functions to use when some token are found
Variable $aSettings
Variable $aSettings
Variable $aSettings
Variable $aSettings
Settings for the Filter
Variable $aSettings
Variable $aSettingsDefinition
Definition of the settings
Variable $aToken
Current token
Method addHeaderComment
Method addSettingDefinition
Add a setting definition
Page ArrayNested.filter.php
ArrayNested.filter.php in ArrayNested.filter.php
Variable $aContents
Page Beautifier.php
Beautifier.php in Beautifier.php
Variable $bRecursive
Recursive search on dirs
Page Batch.php
Batch.php in Batch.php
Method beautifierGet
Method beautifierProcess
Method beautifierSave
Method beautifierSetInputFile
Variable $bOn
Switch to 'turn' on and off the filter
Class Constant BYPASS
If a method for parse Tokens of a Filter returns this, the control of the process
Variable $currentWhitespace
Save the last whitespace used. Use only for Filter! (i miss friends of C++ :( )
Page Common.php
Common.php in Common.php
Method createDir
Create a dir for a file path
Method callBeautifier
Allows subclass of PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Engine call methods of $oBeaut
Method comment_large
Method comment_short
Page Decorator.php
Decorator.php in Decorator.php
Method decIndent
PHP_Beautifier::decIndent() in Beautifier.php
Decrements the indent.
Page Directory.php
Directory.php in Directory.php
Page DirectoryBz2.php
DirectoryBz2.php in DirectoryBz2.php
Page DirectoryGz.php
DirectoryGz.php in DirectoryGz.php
Page DirectoryTar.php
DirectoryTar.php in DirectoryTar.php
Class Constant DIRECTORY
Page Default.filter.php
Default.filter.php in Default.filter.php
Page DocBlock.filter.php
DocBlock.filter.php in DocBlock.filter.php
Method dir_closedir
Method dir_closedir
Method dir_opendir
Method dir_opendir
Method dir_readdir
Method dir_readdir
Method dir_rewinddir
Method dir_rewinddir
Page Exception.php
Exception.php in Exception.php
Class Exception_PHP_Beautifier_Filter
Exception for Filters
Variable $equalsToModify
Page EqualsAlign.filter.php
EqualsAlign.filter.php in EqualsAlign.filter.php
Page Files.php
Files.php in Files.php
Page FilesBz2.php
FilesBz2.php in FilesBz2.php
Page FilesGz.php
FilesGz.php in FilesGz.php
Page FilesTar.php
FilesTar.php in FilesTar.php
Class Constant FILES
Page Fluent.filter.php
Fluent.filter.php in Fluent.filter.php
Page Filter.php
Filter.php in Filter.php
Method get
PHP_Beautifier::get() in Beautifier.php
Returns the beautified code
Method get
Get the output on a string
Method getControlParenthesis
Get the token constant for the current Parenthesis
Method getControlSeq
Get the token constant for the current control construct
Method getFilesByGlob
Search, inside a dir, for a file pattern using glob(* and ?)
Method getFilesByPattern
Search, inside a dir, for a file pattern, using regular expresion Example:
Method getFilterDescription
Return the Filter Description
Method getFilterDirectories
Return an array with all the Filter Dirs
Method getFilterList
Get the names of the loaded filters
Method getFilterListTotal
Get the list of all available Filters in all the include Dirs
Method getIndent
PHP_Beautifier::getIndent() in Beautifier.php
Method getIndentChar
Method getIndentNumber
Method getLog
Get a Log_composite object for PHP_Beautifier
Method getMode
PHP_Beautifier::getMode() in Beautifier.php
Get the state of a mode
Method getNewLine
Method getNextTokenConstant
Get the 'x' significant (non whitespace) next token constant
Method getNextTokenContent
Get the 'x' significant (non whitespace) next token text
Method getNextTokenNonCommentConstant
Method getPreviousTokenConstant
Get the 'x' significant (non whitespace) previous token constant
Method getPreviousTokenContent
Get the 'x' significant (non whitespace) previous token text
Method getPreviousWhitespace
Return the whitespace previous to current token
Method getSavePath
Return an array with the paths to save for an array of files
Method getSetting
Returns the value of a settings
Method getToken
PHP_Beautifier::getToken() in Beautifier.php
Get a token by number
Method getTokenAssoc
Get the reference to $aOut, based on the number of the token
Method getTokenAssocText
Get the output for the specified token
Method getTokenFunction
Return the function for a token constant or string.
Method getTokenName
Method get
Method get
Method get
Return a string with the content of the file(s)
Method get
Send the output of the files, one after another
Method get
Method getInputFiles
Method getOutputPath
Method getTar
Method getTar
Method getTar
Method getDescription
Method getName
return @string
Method getSetting
Get a setting of the Filter
Method getFileList
Method getTar
Method getTokens
Method handleToken
Function called from PHP_Beautifier::process() to process the tokens.
Variable $iArray
PHP_Beautifier::$iArray in Beautifier.php
Level of array nesting
Variable $iCount
PHP_Beautifier::$iCount in Beautifier.php
Index of current token
Variable $iIndentNumber
Chars for indentation
Variable $iParenthesis
Level of parenthesis nesting
Variable $iTernary
PHP_Beautifier::$iTernary in Beautifier.php
Level of ternary operator nesting
Variable $iVerbose
PHP_Beautifier::$iVerbose in Beautifier.php
Level of verbosity (debug)
Method incIndent
PHP_Beautifier::incIndent() in Beautifier.php
Increments the indent in X chars.
Method isNextTokenConstant
Return true if any of the constant defined in param 1 is the next 'x' content
Method isNextTokenContent
Return true if any of the content defined is param 1 is the next 'x' content
Method isPreviousTokenConstant
Return true if any of the constant defined is param 1 is the previous 'x' constant
Method isPreviousTokenContent
Return true if any of the content defined is param 1 is the previous 'x' content
Page IndentStyles.filter.php
IndentStyles.filter.php in IndentStyles.filter.php
Method includeInList
Variable $iSeek
Variable $iSeekDir
Page ListClassFunction.filter.php
ListClassFunction.filter.php in ListClassFunction.filter.php
Page Lowercase.filter.php
Lowercase.filter.php in Lowercase.filter.php
Variable $mInputFiles
Variable $maxVarSize
Method normalizeDir
Normalize reference to directories
Page NewLines.filter.php
NewLines.filter.php in NewLines.filter.php
Variable $oBeaut
Method openBraceDontProcess
Variable $oBatch
Variable $oTar
Page Output.php
Output.php in Output.php
Variable $oBeaut
Stores a reference to main PHP_Beautifier
Method off
Method off
Turn off the Filter Use inside the code to beautify Ex.
Method on
Turn on the Filter Use inside the code to beautify Ex.
Variable $oTar
Class PHP_Beautifier
PHP_Beautifier in Beautifier.php
Class PHP_Beautifier_Common
PHP_Beautifier_Common in Common.php
Wraps commons method por PHP_Beautifier
Class PHP_Beautifier_Decorator
PHP_Beautifier_Decorator in Decorator.php
Implements the Decorator Pattern
Class PHP_Beautifier_Interface
Interface for PHP_Beautifier and subclasses.
Method pop
PHP_Beautifier::pop() in Beautifier.php
Delete the last added output(s)
Method process
Process the file(s) or string
Method process
PHP_Beautifier::process() in Beautifier.php
Process the string or file to beautify
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch
Adds functionality to handle multiple files.
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output
Abstract class to superclass all batch class
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output_Directory
PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Files Handle the batch process for multiple php files to one directory
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output_DirectoryBz2
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output_DirectoryGz
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output_DirectoryTar
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output_Files
PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Files Handle the batch process for one/multiple php files to one out
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output_FilesBz2
Handle the batch process for one/multiple php files to one tar bzip2 file
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output_FilesGz
Handle the batch process for one/multiple php files to one tar gzip file
Class PHP_Beautifier_Batch_Output_FilesTar
Handle the batch process for one/multiple php files to one tar compressed file
Method process
Create the real references to files
Page Pear.filter.php
Pear.filter.php in Pear.filter.php
Page phpBB.filter.php
phpBB.filter.php in phpBB.filter.php
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter
PHP_Beautifier_Filter in Filter.php
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_ArrayNested
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_ArrayNested in ArrayNested.filter.php
Filter Array Nested: Indent the array structures Ex.
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Default
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Default in Default.filter.php
Default Filter: Handle all the tokens. Uses K & R style
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_DocBlock
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_DocBlock in DocBlock.filter.php
Filter Doc Blocks: Use DocBlockGenerator for beautify the phpdoc comments.
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_EqualsAlign
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_EqualsAlign in EqualsAlign.filter.php
Filter EqualsAlign: Align the equals symbols in contiguous lines.
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Fluent
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Fluent in Fluent.filter.php
Filter Fluent: Create fluent style for multi-level object access.
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_IndentStyles
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_IndentStyles in IndentStyles.filter.php
Filter Indent Styles: Indent the code in k&r, allman, gnu or whitesmiths
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_ListClassFunction
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_ListClassFunction in ListClassFunction.filter.php
Create a list of functions and classes in the script By default, this Filter puts the list at the beggining of the script.
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Lowercase
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Lowercase in Lowercase.filter.php
Lowercase: lowercase all control structures.
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_NewLines
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_NewLines in NewLines.filter.php
New Lines: Add new lines after o before specific contents The settings are 'before' and 'after'. As value, use a colon separated list of contents or tokens
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Pear
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_Pear in Pear.filter.php
Filter the code to make it compatible with PEAR Coding Standards
Class PHP_Beautifier_Filter_phpBB
PHP_Beautifier_Filter_phpBB in phpBB.filter.php
Filter the code to make it compatible with phpBB Coding Standards
Method postProcess
Called from PHP_Beautifier::process() at the end of processing
Method postProcess
Method preProcess
Method preProcess
Method preProcess
Called from PHP_Beautifier::process() at the beginning
Class PHP_Beautifier_StreamWrapper_Interface
Interface for StreamWrapper Read the documentation for streams wrappers on php manual.
Class PHP_Beautifier_StreamWrapper_Tarz
Custom stream to handle Tar files (compressed and uncompressed) Use URL tarz://myfile.tgz#myfile.php
Class PHP_Beautifier_Tokenizer_Interface
Interface for Tokenizer
Method removeFilter
Removes a Filter
Method removeWhitespace
Remove all whitespace from the previous tag
Method replaceTokenAssoc
Replace the output for specified token
Variable $sIndentChar
Type of whitespace to use for indent
Variable $sInputFile
PHP_Beautifier::$sInputFile in Beautifier.php
Name of input file
Variable $sNewLine
PHP_Beautifier::$sNewLine in Beautifier.php
Type of newline
Variable $sOutputFile
Name of output file
Method save
PHP_Beautifier::save() in Beautifier.php
Save the beautified code to output file
Method save
Save the output to a file
Method setBeautify
Set the Beautifier on or off
Method setBeforeNewLine
Set a string to put before a new line
Method setFileType
Set the filetype
Method setIndentChar
Character used for indentation
Method setIndentNumber
Number of characters for indentation
Method setInputFile
Set the file for beautify
Method setInputString
Set a string for beautify
Method setMode
PHP_Beautifier::setMode() in Beautifier.php
Set a mode to true
Method setNewLine
Character used as a new line
Method setNoDeletePreviousSpaceHack
Activate or deactivate this ominous hack
Method setOutputFile
Set the output file for beautify
Method show
Show on screen the output
Method show
PHP_Beautifier::show() in Beautifier.php
Show the beautified code
Method startLog
PHP_Beautifier::startLog() in Beautifier.php
Start the log for debug
Variable $sCompress
Variable $sCompress
Variable $sCompress
Variable $sExt
Variable $sExt
Variable $sExt
Method save
Method save
Method save
Method save
Method save
Save the beautified sources to file(s)
Method save
Method setCompress
Set compression on/off
Method setInputFile
Set the input(s) files
Method setOutputFile
Set the output file
Method setRecursive
Set recursive search for files in dirs on
Method show
Variable $sDescription
Variable $sDescription
Variable $sDescription
Variable $sDescription
Variable $sDescription
Variable $sDescription
Description of the Filter
Variable $sDescription
Variable $sDescription
Method setSetting
Set a value of a Setting
Variable $sPath
Variable $sTar
Variable $sText
Page StreamWrapper.php
StreamWrapper.php in StreamWrapper.php
Method stream_close
Method stream_close
Method stream_eof
Method stream_eof
Method stream_flush
Method stream_flush
Method stream_open
Method stream_open
Method stream_read
Method stream_read
Method stream_seek
Method stream_seek
Method stream_stat
Method stream_stat
Method stream_tell
Method stream_tell
Method stream_write
Method stream_write
Method t_access
Method t_array
Method t_as
Method t_assigment
Method t_assigment
Method t_assigment_pre
Method t_break
Method t_break
Method t_case
Method t_case
Method t_class
Method t_clone
Method t_close_brace
Method t_close_brace
Method t_close_brace
Method t_close_brace_bsd
Close braces in BSD style
Method t_close_brace_gnu
Close braces in GNU style
Method t_close_brace_ws
Close braces in Whitesmiths style
Method t_close_tag
Method t_colon
Method t_comma
Method t_comma
Method t_comment
Method t_comment
Method t_constant_encapsed_string
Method t_continue
Method t_control
Method t_default
Method t_default
Method t_doc_comment
Method t_doc_comment
Method t_doc_comment
Method t_dot
Method t_double_colon
Method t_else
Method t_else
Else for bds, gnu & ws
Method t_else
Method t_end_heredoc
Method t_end_suffix
Method t_equal
Method t_equal_sign
Method t_extends
Method t_for
Method t_foreach
Method t_function
Method t_implements
Method t_include
Method t_instanceof
Method t_language_construct
Method t_logical
Method t_new
Method t_object_operator
Method t_object_operator
Method t_open_brace
Method t_open_brace
Method t_open_brace
Method t_open_brace_bsd
Open braces in BSD style
Method t_open_brace_gnu
Open braces in GNU style
Method t_open_brace_ws
Open braces in Whitesmiths style
Method t_open_tag
Method t_open_tag
Method t_open_tag
Method t_open_tag_with_echo
Method t_operator
Method t_parenthesis_close
Method t_parenthesis_close
Method t_parenthesis_open
Method t_parenthesis_open
Method t_question
Method t_semi_colon
Method t_semi_colon
Method t_semi_colon
Method t_string
Method t_switch
Method t_variable
Method t_whitespace
Page Tarz.php
Tarz.php in Tarz.php
Method tarFileExists
Page Tokenizer.php
Tokenizer.php in Tokenizer.php
Method unsetMode
PHP_Beautifier::unsetMode() in Beautifier.php
Set a mode to false
Method unlink
Method unlink
Method wsToString
Transform whitespaces into its representation
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